Join us as we march (again) for peace over war (every time!)

WHEN: Saturday, February 5, 11am-12 pm

WHERE: Federal Building, Broadway, downtown San Diego

WHAT: A Rally for Peaceful Negotiation with Russia over NATO expansion along its borders.

WHY: NATO and the threat of NATO expansion into Ukraine along Russia’s border has triggered recent events, and possibly war with Russia. This return to the Cold War ideology is dangerous for all of us.

WHO: This national Action by CodePink is answered by community peace and justice organizations in San Diego, including the Peace Resource Center and Activist San Diego. It is an invitation to all people worried about the growing crisis to come together to demand a different approach than endless war.

Covid Warning: Masks and social distancing are expected of all participants.

and a big shout out to CodePink for leading national resistance to Biden’s war budget & endless war.

Read our press alert here.

For more details or how to meet up with the PRC on Sunday,