Essential to the Plan – vehicle miles traveled.(VMT).

The Board of Supervisors will be finalizing the VMT plan at its January 26th meeting.

Fossil-fueled vehicles continue to drive climate change. These emissions need to be measured accurately and also removed from our world (using a variety of gas-crunching techniques). The San Diego Board of Supervisors is deliberating on how to include VMT in estimating climate change and ways to minimize miles traveled using fossil fuels.

Read more about the importance of correctly measuring the miles vehicles travel in our county. This letter addressed to the Board of Supervisors is a great tutorial on all the reasons why the state is setting its environmental sights on “vehicle miles traveled” to put the brake on climate change.

By SanDiego350 Transportation Committee, Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association, Environmental Center of San Diego, Unite Here! Local 30, IBEW Local 569, Climate Action Campaign,
Alliance for Regional Solutions.