Demands for Our Lives, Our Agenda at the end of the MLK March 2017

These are the demands of the National Action Network, People Over Profits, SEIU, Unite Here Local 30, Women Occupy San Diego, Peace Resource Center, the family of Alfred Olango, the family of Robert Branch, Talking Equality and other social justice community groups in San Diego.

Our Lives, Our Agenda

The following list of demands were placed on the doors of the City Hall of San Diego at the end of the MLK March on Jan 16th.

1) Real community oversight and control of policing; implement AB953 now!
2) Redirect city resources from fiscally draining sports complexes to immediate housing for people pushed out of the housing market
3) A SDPD moratorium on the criminalizing of homelessness
4) Demand the DA drop the charges against Robert Branch
5) End the use of contracting with private prison corporations to operate local detention/reentry facilities, have Community Oversight Board quarterly audits of all county detention facilities with tracking of recidivism and success of all programs at detention facilities
6) Replace criminal justice with restorative justice in the cases involving people under 21 years old and use trauma informed principles in community based reentry programs.
7) Remove police from schools.
8) Engage businesses in stopping rape in workplaces, including those committed by subcontractors
9) County of San Diego must make “Investing in San Diego Families” a priority!
10) Diversify the Public Safety and Liveable Neighborhoods Committee.

We shall not be moved!