WHAT: Peace Campus Partners invites other organizations and businesses to


WHY: We adopt “SHUT IT OFF!” in response to catastrophic climate change.

WHEN: Now.

The UN has declared a climate emergency. Youth are rising up in a Climate Walk-out, demanding adults implement actions NOW to mitigate the current climatic changes.

WHERE: Everywhere.

San Diego, CA – The Peace Peace Resource Center of San Diego, the National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth, and Project on Youth and Non-military Opportunities are turning it lights and other unnecessary electricity wasters. We urge organizations and businesses to join us and SHUT IT OFF.

Shut off lights during the day in your offices and instead use the free light from our solar powerhouse, the sun. Reduce the brightness of computer screen monitors. Open windows and doors when possible; turn off air conditioners.

SHUT IT OFF is a call to action – to divest ourselves from the fossil fueled-power companies. Although called “public utilities”, these energy companies are really private monopolies that profit from high prices while driving us closer towards extinction.

We welcome Mid-City CAN. Its Improving Transportation in City Heights (ITCH) momentum team will also “Shut It Off” in solidarity with the students. Team members are intimately aware of the connection between investment in public transit and climate action. Their campaign for Youth Opportunity Passes, no-cost transit passes for youth, seeks to create a greener San Diego while connecting young people to early-career opportunities. Young transit riders become adult transit riders, leading to less traffic, reduced emissions, and a cleaner, healthier San Diego.

Mattress World & Al Davis Furniture in Hillcrest also join SHUT IT OFF! This family-owned business sources organic and sustainable products for its customers. This action was an easy decision for the owners.

How bad is it? The UN understands that the climate emergency will lead to intensified conflict (war) over fresh water and arable land. The UN has dedicated this International Day of Peace on September 21 to “Climate Action for Peace”. The UN is convening a Climate Summit next week to move forward on its plan Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals. Youth have been leading Climate Action Walk-Outs and Strikes around the world, demanding adults take action on climate change and step away from our dependence on fossil fuels to more climate-friendly power.

This pie chart points out the main causes of gas emissions driving climate change – our dependence on fossil fuels is the majority of the pie.

September 21 is International Day of Peace. Climate Action for Peace. At the PRC, Generation Justice is moderating the discussion, “Putting Equity Front and Center in the Climate Movement”. With PRISMSS as our lens, we dive deeper into the intersection and collision of multiple forces acting on the effort for immediate climate action – poverty, institutional racism and sexism, militarism, and immigration.

Peace Day San Diego starts at 1pm at the Peace Campus, and finishes with an Equinox Musical Celebration (7-10pm).