Why Go Vegan?

Commentary by PRC Board Member Herbe Zapata

Climate Crisis: Methane burns longer and hotter in the atmosphere than Carbon Dioxide, this greenhouse gas is the biggest contributor to Climate Disruption than all of the air pollution caused by cars, trucks, planes, buses, etc. COMBINED

  • As we know Climate Chaos is causing and will continue to cause one of the biggest refugee crises we’ve seen, this has been acknowledged and warned about in our government from the CIA and DOD as one of the biggest threats to geopolitical stability.

Shortage of Clean Water: the feces and uric acid run-off from animal agriculture permeate the soil which is a breathing organism, and end up in bodies of water that are connected from Rivers and Lakes to Coast Lines. This results in acidification and Ocean Dead Zones, that combined with the already rising temperature of the oceans is destroying the ecosystem for Marine Life to live which is leading to species collapse. On top of the already overfishing in the Seas from industrial fisheries.

Deforestation: Clear Cutting of forest land for Cattle Grazing is one of the leading causes of air toxicity, due to the elimination of these wonderful infrastructure systems that are free which Convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen (Called Rain Forest)

Starvation of People due to the growing of at least 90% of grains to feed Cattle, which:

1) We in turn could be utilizing to feed people.

2) Tied into the global trade system, it requires the shipping of these grains overseas where cattle are raised for consumption, and in turn shipped back around the globe for consumption by human animals.

3) Turns into more water-intense crops because the amount of grains required to feed cattle is exponentially higher than the amount which is needed to feed humans, not to mention the drinking water aspect of it and – I’m pretty sure – the need to come back and broach on this subject would be redundant.

  • Health Aspect being last but not least: All the hormones and antibiotics being used to grow cows, pigs and other factory farmed animals, and to treat their staph infections being confined in crowded growing operations is leading to the evolution of disease that is antibiotic resistant as well as the growth of tumor in women’s breast and reproductive organs. This also affects male humans in the disruption of their endocrine (or hormonal) system too, and with their blood pressure and cardiac health as well. Going further, however, their libido is greatly impacted due to poor blood circulation because of the accumulation of cholesterol plaque in the vascular system.

The reasons WHY I Am an Herbivore as a Peace Activist”

Herb Zapata, May 2019