The U.S. Military is the largest single consumer of energy in the world

Proud of Reducing Your Carbon Footprint? The Military is Immune
    • The U.S. Military, the single largest institutional polluter and contributor to global warming – the US military – is immune to climate change concerns.
    • The Pentagon has a blanket exemption in all international climate agreements. Its carbon footprint is not counted.
Re-fueling Conflict Internationally:war_is_not
    • Nearly 1,000 US military bases trace an arc from the Andes to North Africa across the Middle East to Indonesia, the Philippines and North Korea, sweeping over all major oil resources – all related, in part, to projecting force for the sake of energy security.
    • Environmental damage itself leads to conflict. Factions in resource-poor countries have historically used military force for material gain, having few other options. The desperation leads to a vicious cycle of conflict.
Toxics Maim and Kill
    • Children in Iraq are getting cancer at alarmingly increased rates due to the U.S. Military‚Äôs use of depleted uranium during the war.
    • The dust cloud created by a DU (depleted uranium) bombing is chemically toxic and radioactive and spreads with the wind.
    • When inhaled by humans and animals, it causes birth defects, cancer, paralysis and death
    • DU cannot be removed from the land and air, and continues to decay into more radioactive waste for thousands of years.