Commentary by Craig Jones, Board Member

When will we learn?  The “we” is the United States.  OF COURSE: no one supports or justifies the use of chemical weapons, no matter the war or conflict.  But with minimal time for assessment and a quick trigger-finger, the US unilaterally bombs a Syrian government airbase; once again going for the ham-fisted military reaction to a complex situation.
Let us remember, the situation today in Syria, neighboring Iraq, and the incredible instability in the entire Middle East, is in no small part the result of the US’s lie-based invasion and disastrous occupation of Iraq.  US military “solutions” have brought instability, and resulting in unimaginable suffering. 
US air strikes continue, and predictably, there are calls for more and more “air strikes” . . . we see the mission creep expand and once again the phrase “regime change” will be used. Remember that there are already thousands of US boots on the ground in Syria, and more in Iraq.  These boots become targets, and in return, killers of those who would kill them in revenge.  Destabilization of the current Syrian regime will only result in further chaos, strengthening the hand of ISIS and other extreme voices.  Our terrorism gives rise to their terrorism. 
Violence begets violence.  The “winners” here are the military profiteers and contractors, whose million dollar weapons “must” now be replaced.  This, when the US already spends more money on military than the next SEVEN countries over the whole globe, combined; and amidst the new administration insisting we must increase military spending by 10% more . . .
When will it be learned?