Peace Resource Center Workshop
Fifth Grade

Cesar Chavez, Peacemaker and Skip the Plastic Bag, Please!

Materials: Harvesting Hope Book, markers, colored paper strips, used T-shirts, enough for each student, scissors, yarn, earth ball, turtle puppet with plastic attached, video player, computer, Poster: Ways I Am a Peacemaker, Talking piece, 4 papers, each with one word (Nonviolence, Pilgrimage, Strike, Contract).

Post the following Agenda:
Nametags & Game
Welcome & Agenda Preview
Our California Peacemaker
Rowan Peacemakers Activity
Bathroom Break and Snack
Protecting Our Oceans
Making Our Own Shopping Bags

(A) Nametags and Yarn Web Icebreaker
The participants are standing in a circle. The leader holds the end of the yarn. S/he tells something about him/herself (name, and a favorite part of nature). Then, s/he throws the bundle to another player. This player also holds the thread of yarn and tells the group the same things about him/her. That person again passes on the yarn (but still holding the thread, of course).
This way, a web of the yarn is created. The web represents the bond among the group.
Then, the web is dissolved by reversing the throwing and rolling up the thread of yarn.\
6 min

(B) Welcome to the Peace Resource Center
“There are lots of webs in the world, lots of ways that we’re connected. I want to welcome you to the Peace Resource Center.
— Would anyone like to guess what this place might be for?” (Take ideas from students.)
— What does the word “Resource” mean?” (a source of supply or support, a source of information or expertise (Merriam Webster), can be a “natural resource” – water, wood, ore.)
— So, here at the Peace Resource Center, we have lots of information and people who know how to do things for peace. We also believe peace is connected to caring for the earth and having justice in our world. As we’re together today, I hope you will take away some good information, so that you can be Peace Educators too.”
4 min., 10 total

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