Peace Resource Center Workshop
Fourth Grade

Youth Activism, Sustainability and Conservation

Materials: Book “Save the Rainforest”*, Save the Rainforest powerpoint and narrative printed out from the Rowan folder (this is a shortened version of the book), video player, screen, nametags with students’ names already written on them, Chart of Energy Saving Ideas, individual paper strips with energy saving ideas, chart paper, markers and 12 x 18 paper

Post the following Agenda:
Nametags, Agenda Preview
Welcome to the PRC
Save the Rainforest
Peacemaker Activity
Sustainability and Conservation
Conservation Posters

(A) Game: (Icebreaker): “To start off, we’ll play a quick game of “would you rather?” I’ll give you two choices, and I’ll ask you to move to the side of the room that I point to. Ready?
Would you rather: Ride a bike, ride a skateboard?
Be on stage, be in the audience?
Go to the zoo, or go to the beach?
Read a comic book, read a mystery story?
Sleep in a tent, sleep at home?
Meet a president, meet a movie star?
Go for a very long walk, go for a very long car ride?”
5 min

Distribute Nametags, Preview Agenda
Ask students to be seated on the rug. Let them know you would like to call them by name, which is why you are asking them to wear nametags. Go over the Agenda you have posted.
5 min, 10 total

(B) Welcome to the Peace Resource Center
(During this time A sets up the projector)
Seat students on the rugs in front of you. Ask children to get a partner and have them do a pair-share about what they think the Peace Resource Center is, and what it’s for. Then ask students what they heard their partner say. Summarize the ideas. That we are here to help all kinds of people, young and old, far and near, learn about peace, about what is fair, and to encourage people to take care of the earth. We believe in nonviolence, which means that there are kinder and smarter ways to solve problems than hurting others or using weapons.
“So we welcome you; we’re glad you’re here, and we hope that you will make many visits back here.”
7 min., 17 total

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