Peace Resource Center Workshop
Third Grade

What Bullying Feels Like, Learning to be a Buddy

Materials: Chart paper, talking piece, prep for bar graphs, Bully Definition on Chart, clipboards, survey sheets, paper, book, paper bags, markers, pens, puppet example, masking tape, Role Play scenarios, Handout: Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

Post the following Agenda:
Welcome to the PRC
Video and Feelings Art/ Art Sharing
Data gathering
Bathroom/Snack Break
Puppet Making
Role Plays

(A) I like everybody here game: Have students circle up. Place tape spots on the floor in front of where they are standing. Place one less tape spot than the number of students. Start off in the center. Explain that students must move if they hear something that is true about themselves. Also, they may not move to the tape spot next to them. The student is who doesn’t get a spot is in the center. Model a few prompts: I like everybody here who has a sister. I like everybody here who plays soccer. I like everybody here who has brown eyes., etc. Play this for 5 minutes.
5 min

Distribute nametags, Agenda Preview
Ask students to be seated on the rug.
5 min, 10 total

(B) What is the Peace Resource Center?
Seat students on the rugs in front of you. Ask children to get a partner and have them do a pair-share about what they think the Peace Resource Center is, and what it’s for. Then ask students what they heard their partner say. Summarize the ideas. That we are here to help all kinds of people, young and old, far and near, learn about peace, about what is fair, and to encourage people to take care of the earth. We believe in nonviolence, which means that there are kinder and smarter ways to solve problems than hurting others or using weapons.
“So we welcome you; we’re glad you’re here, and we hope that you will make many visits back here.”
5 min, 15 total

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