Peace Resource Center Workshop
First Grade

How We Can Save Water and Everyone Counts

Materials: The book “One”, Everyone Counts Poster, nametags with students’ names already on them, screen, projector, pencils, xylophone, snack in a bag or cup (pretzels or popcorn), Stuffed letters spelling “LOVE”, two or three animal puppets.
Note: The first part of this workshop focuses on water conservation. While of course there is a universal need to conserve drinking water, how water gets to the pipes is different for different areas, as are concerns about drought. You may check out the website of your state water board. They sometimes offer free educational resources on conservation, if you would like the students to get more specific information for your area.
The Peace Resource Center is located on a unique property and in a unique building. The planners put a good deal of thought into water conservation. The “Special Tour” highlights what we have in place to conserve water. While not everyone has a cistern with a windmill above, it might be possible to take a water tour of your space to celebrate what you are already doing, or even to identify what could be done.

Post the following Agenda:
Welcome to the PRC
Agenda Preview
Story: “One”
Everyone Counts
Act It Out
Bathroom/Snack Break
Guessing Game
Quick Video
Special Tour
Circle Share
Shake it Out

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