Peace Resource Center Workshop

Being a Peacemaker, Helping Kids Who Are Left Out,
and Up Close and Personal with a Garden!

Materials needed: Name Tags, YouTube videos, projector, screen, computer, markers and crayons, tape, The Quarrelling Book by Charlotte Zolotow, (or The Quarrelling Book Slide Show,, computer and projector) paper doll puppet templates cut from card stock (, wooden craft sticks. Fruit and vegetable pictures, rope, List of plan for the day (on chart paper). Idea Bank for Puppet Plays (on chart paper). If possible, obtain a list of the students’ first names from the teacher prior to coming. Have names already on sticky name tags.

Alternate books: I like your buttons! by Sarah Marwil Lamstein
The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade by Justin Roberts
The Brand New Kid by Katie Couric
Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol Mc Cloud

Room Preparation: This lesson includes time to draw and color. Arrange room for rug talk, video viewing and art at tables. Post the Plan for the Day:
Introductions and Welcome to Peace Resource Center
Plan for the Day
Peacemaker Story and Video
Puppet Making and Puppet Plays
Snack and Break
Prepare for the Garden Tour
Tour the Garden

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